The NYSC Ondo State Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Nnenna Ani has described culture as the connector that links people with their root.
The State Coordinator made the disclosure during the Cultural Carnival to climax the social activities for the 2021 Batch ‘A’ (Stream 1) orientation course.

Mrs. Ani said that NYSC has become a veritable platform where Nigerians showcase their rich cultural heritage and values of their people and at the same time learn few things from the culture of other geopolitical zones.
“My dear children in the national service, I want to admonish you to be proud of your culture and through this, you can promote cross fertilisation of cultural ideas other than your own”.
“Your culture is your identity and any tribe, ethnic or race that forgets her culture is like ocean which no one can trace its source. I am not saying other cultures are not good or inferior to yours but you need to put your culture in front burner so that your identity would be respected”.
“With all sincerity, you will not disprove the fact that Nigeria is blessed and endowed with rich cultural traditions and that is the sole reason people all over the world are coming to identify with us and learn more about our cultural diversity”.

To corroborate this statement of fact, the State Coordinator disclosed that government agencies in collaboration with global bodies are working closely to put Nigeria on a world map culturally.
“Federal Government through Nigerian Tourism and Development Corporation (NTDC) and National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) have been showcasing our rich culture to the outside world and this has given birth to some sites in the country to be named as World Heritage Centres by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)” she said.
The NYSC boss charged the members of the service corps to show keen interest in learning and research into other peoples’ culture so that they can adapt easily when they found themselves in such environment in the nearest future.
During the colourful Carnival procession and presentation, number 9 platoon which showcased Igbo culture emerged winners while number 4 and 3 platoons with Edo/Benin and Hausa cultures came 2nd and third respectively.

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